Zone Programmes




11:00am - 12:15pm


Preschool (ages 0-4) A fun, safe place where our preschool kids are cared for and enjoy learning about our wonderful God through play and teaching.…

Kids Zone

Kids Zone (School Years 0-6) Whether you’re cute, courageous or cuddly our God is for all ages. You’ll have a ball in Kids Zone while…

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge (School Years 7-9) What! All those years at school and you haven’t heard about wide games, gunge or team challenge? You’ve gotta get…


Firewire (School Years 10-13) God is calling us and growing a hunger for His kingdom here on earth. Teenagers (and pre-teens) unite! Join us for…

Meeting Place

Meeting Place (18+) Worship, teaching and ministry are New Wine mainstays and you’ll find them in abundance as you gather with others and worship in…

Our Place

Our Place Do you have additional needs children who find the activity and fast pace of NW Festival a challenge? We have a space for…