Worship is Not a Lifestyle
Speaker: Grant Norsworthy
Venue: Meeting Place

This workshop will reaffirm several of the main points of Grant Norsworthy’s highly popular workshop from this event last year. What does it mean to worship God? What does the life of a worshiper look like? But (this time) the workshop will allow plenty of time for Q&A, discussion and prayer. Even if you attended this workshop last year, you may wish to attend again.

Pandemic Life: Languish or Flourish?
Speaker: Aaron Ironside
Venue: Cutting Edge/Firewire

Languishing can be defined as a pervasive feeling of blah-ness that dulls your motivation. The feeling can follow you throughout your day, holding you back from the flourishing life you want. Pre-pandemic, one study showed that 55% of the workforce might be in a state of languish at any given time. Today, some are calling languish the dominant emotion of 2021. Can we flourish again? Find out some keys to get back on track even when our get up and go seems to have got up and went!

The Holy Spirit In You
Speaker: Mike Burrows
Venue: through Admin

Do you know the reality of being released in Holy Spirit living? Do you have your own personal prayer language? Are you hungry to experience a greater fulness of God’s Spirit? Yes? Maybe? This workshop is for you. Come to learn, pray, enjoy ministry and receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Lifting the Lid

Speaker: Martyn Day
Venue: Kids Zone

Let’s face it, the book of Revelation is one of the hardest books in the Bible to understand! Reading Revelation can leave us scratching our heads, or somewhat worried, or both. How do we make sense of this most remarkable book? Martyn Day has spent the last 2 years teaching through the entire book of Revelation at his church, the South Harbour Vineyard in Auckland. He is the author of Lifting the Lid, a Bible-reading series on the book of Revelation, available from his Mariners website of Bible-reading resources ( Interactive and thought-provoking, this workshop will offer a toolkit for how to read the book of Revelation faithfully. It will include worked examples, seeking to address attempts to connect the Covid crisis with Revelation. The workshop will address questions like, “Is Covid an example of any of the visions in Revelation?”, “Does Covid mean that Jesus’ return is any more imminent?” and, “Are Covid vaccines the mark of the beast?”

Leader: Anna Jones
Venue: Preschool

A relaxing blend of scripture and exercise. BYO water bottle, mat (optional) and work out with the Word.


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