The Fight against Human Slavery


Workshop Room 1



Human trafficking is one of the top global crises in our world today. According to the International Labour Organization, one million children worldwide are trapped in the darkness of sex trafficking and exploitation. By amplifying their voices, we can bring hope and freedom to the next child waiting for rescue.

In this workshop Brian Saipe will outline why scripture calls us to oppose this crisis, and shows how it operates in different cultures, and what is being done to rescue exploited children.

The workshop will provide opportunities for Q&A and discussion about raising awareness of the issues and ways to intervene practically, and spiritually.

The content will not be explicit, but strongly impacting. Attendees are encouraged to use their discretion. This workshop is unsuitable for children

Brian Saipe

Brain saipe

Brian is CEO for Child Rescue NZ – a Christian anti-trafficking organisation operating in the fight against human slavery. Child Rescue is an interventionist organisation funding the work of highly trained agents who physically remove girls and boys from abusive situations, and that of community care workers who help set young people on a path to freedom.

Child Rescue’s vision is to play a leading role in ending the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in our lifetime.

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Brian has previously worked for The Salvation Army and Rhema Media. His travels to Cambodia and Thailand left him deeply impacted by the plight of young people caught up in this horrible industry and firing his heart for justice, passion to help set children free, and desire to impact the global fight against trafficking.