Church leaders: The Things We Tell Young Leaders (For Leaders Only)


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We’ve asked Bishops Steve and Justin to share some of their thoughts on raising leaders in this day. Leadership is more fractured, fraught and feared than ever before, so much so that the tide has turned regarding those who are stepping up. This workshop will look at the lessons of our day, strategies and stories of hope.

Steve Maina

Steve immigrated to New Zealand from Kenya over a decade ago, on arrival he took up a post as head of the New Zealand Church Missionary Society, before being ordained as Bishop of the Diocese of Nelson (a third-generation bishop!). Steve brings a down-to-earth message which remains the same no matter what field he serves in.

“We are to share the good news in whatever form or shape it takes… the Lord Jesus Christ has come and died for us and been raised up again to give us life in abundance. That is the message.”

He’s coming to New Wine with his equally inspiring wife, Watiri, so join us for New Wine 2023 to see them both!

Justin Duckworth


Justin is familiar feet on the New Wine stomping ground (quite literally!). His message of community and connection speaks straight to the heart of New Wine DNA and we’re richer for having Justin in the whānau. That shared passion for equipping and encouraging the people of God and working together for a better world has also been a hallmark of Justin’s work with youth and community over the past 20 years. He’s pioneered many impactful projects, and along with his wife Jenny, founded Urban Vision. Justin hails from Lower Hutt, has dreadlocks, usually wears shorts and bare feet and has a life focus on serving the poor. If you want to hear more – you know what to do! Join us at New Wine 2023!