Pepeha for Pākehā


Workshop Room 2



There has been a huge growth in engagement with Te Ao Māori and Te Reo Māori over the past decade, which presents the Church with challenges and opportunities. This workshop will help pākeā to engage with how to locate themselves in Te Ao Māori and Gods mission for Aotearoa. James will draw on his own experiences of engaging with Te Reo Māori, Te Ao Māori to help others navigate the Church’s bi-cultural mission.

James Beck

James Beck

James Beck has been part of New Wine for so long now that we’ve discovered his secret… he doesn’t actually age! Mysterious. These days he is the associate pastor at The River Ōpāwaho Church, he also supports the flourishing of the gospel in Aotearoa through his work with the Wilberforce Foundation. You may have caught him on radio, TV or even read one of his many articles or his (very funny) children’s book, Eliza Loves Rocks.

Anyone who’s heard James speak will remember him for his unique sense of humour, which he credits his rural upbringing for. It has been a key to helping him connect with people from all walks of life. James is passionate about discipleship and making the Bible make sense to people from all walks of life. When he isn’t working, James is hanging out with his wife, Rebekah, and their girls, Eliza, Tilly and Freddie.