Confidence in the Gospels – How we know the New Testament is Based on eye-witness testimony


Workshop Room 1



The Gospels are our primary source of information about Jesus’ life. But can we have confidence in their historical reliability? The answer is, YES! One aspect of good historical writing is its dependence on eye-witness testimony. In this workshop, Martyn will demonstrate how the text of the Gospels provides evidence that their sources were people who had a personal experience of Jesus. Interactive and with worked examples, this workshop will increase your confidence in the New Testament as a whole and equip you for conversations with people where you can defend the Christian faith. The content of this workshop is the first part of a larger course which Martyn is developing to equip Christians with confidence in the historical credibility of the New Testament.

Martyn Day


Martyn pastors the South Harbour Vineyard in Auckland. A British export to NZ, Martyn is passionate about helping people to love, learn and live God’s Word. He is the founder and author for Mariners, a growing set of online Bible reading resources ( He is also on the staff of Alpha New Zealand. He is married to Honor and they have two sons.