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As the world changes by the second, more and more people are leaving the faith.  So how do we keep faith and church relevant in these shifting times? In this workshop, writer Alex Marestaing encourages church leaders, parents, and creatives of all kinds to rethink the way they live out their faith.  With inspiring stories of filmmakers, authors, and musicians  making an impact in the creative world, Alex hopes to inspire listeners to find their unique voice and develop a faith that’s honest enough to stir souls, brave enough to take risks, and relevant enough to resonate beyond church walls. (Note: You don’t have to attend part 2 in order to enjoy part 1).

Presented by Alex Marestaing. Who is Alex?

Alex Marestaing

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Once upon a time, American writer Alex Marestaing wrote a random letter to the Walt Disney Company asking if they needed any creative help. Fortunately, Disney had mercy on his embarrassing attempt to break into the entertainment world and gave him his first freelance writing job. Since then, he’s gone on to develop TV series, author books, and create innovative kids’ content for various companies including LEGO, Time Studios, The Los Angeles Times, Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins, and Gutsy Animations. 

Though he spends most of his time in the animation world these days, Alex loves speaking at conferences and appearing on radio talk shows when he gets the chance, encouraging believers to find their unique voice, champion the underdog, and bring faith to the fringes. And of course, when asked for life advice he will often say “writing letters to random companies isn’t always a bad idea”!

You’ll be able to hear Alex share in workshops and Meeting Place.

From a Whisper to a Shout Part 1

From a Whisper to a Shout Part 2