Why New Wine? Reviews!

New Wine is the best thing you could do for your church this summer. Hear from others why they have made New Wine Summer Festival a must every year.

Justin Duckworth
“I’ve watched the generations – they get such a good deal at New Wine. I’ve watched them have the gospel presented to them. I’ve watched them get empowered and enabled not just as participants but as contributors in the gospel and in God’s kingdom adventure for them.”

Rachel McConnachie
“New Wine is here to equip the whole congregation, so anyone in a faith community can learn what it means to put your faith into a practical context. It’s really helped my husband and I live it out every single day of the week.”

Juan Nothnagel
“The real highlight for me is I see us all as the body of Christ together with our different shapes and flavours and we are here to worship the Lord and to be fed and to be filled.”

Lizzie Tafili
“It’s a really great way for us as a church and community to come together and spend time in fellowship connecting with one another and catching up after summer in the beautiful sunshine. We get to camp together, there’s so much to do and it’s a really fun weekend!”

Richard Black
“What you get at the New Wine Festival is different from anywhere else: we have people being caught up in worship, they have fabulous teaching, and this wonderful time of ministry in the Holy Spirit for all ages.”

James & Julia Coleman
“Our kids are on fire for God. And I actually credit and thank New Wine a lot for that. I not only want that for my family I want it for every family. So that’s why we make an effort to come every year.”

Want to know what New Wine is and why all these awesome people are raving?

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