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A compilation of recordings of workshop sessions.

Note: MP3 format only. Most have been recorded on portable recording devices and will therefore be a reduced quality.

Sessions include:

The Kingdom and the Poor - Bruce Collins
Porn Free - Richard Black
The Story - Roshan Allpress
Get Courageous - Jon and Kirsty Dean
Prayer and the Persecuted Church - Mike Burrows
How Not to Give Up - Justin Duckworth
God, Men, Women and Sex - Bruce Collins
Growing Great Families - James Beck
Taking God's Word For It - Martyn Day
Leadership and Listening - Jon and Kirsty Dean
God's Heart for Justice - Jonathan and Kate
An Emotional Health Check-up - Aaron Ironside
Church Leaders - Bruce Collins
Anxiety Resilient - Richard Black
Beyond Flannelgraph and VeggieTales - Roshan Allpress
Tackling Technology - James Beck
The Prophetic and the Persecuted Church - Mike Burrows
Mates You Can Count On - Aaron Ironside

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