Police Vetting

If you’re on preschool, kids, Cutting Edge or Firewire team, police vetting is a compulsory process with a few steps and a few bits of paper – but that’s okay. We’re team members, we’re here to serve and we’ll do anything to make this happen.


1.     Print the Police Vetting form
Police Vetting

2.     Page 1
One question to complete:
– Name of Applicant to be vetted (write your full name in block capitals)

3.     Page 2 and 3
Complete all boxes

Read the fine print on page 3 before putting your beautiful squiggle and the date in the box at the bottom of the page

4.     ID verification (on the bottom of page 1) 
Gather two pieces of ID, and if necessary an evidence of name change document
– The documents need to be originals
– One of the ID’s needs to be a form of photo identification. Current identity documents are preferred, but documents that have expired within the past 5                years will be accepted.
– Primary ID includes: Passport (NZ or Overseas), NZ Firearms Licence, NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued on or after 1998), NZ Citizenship Certificate, NZ Refugee            Travel Document, NZ Emergency Travel Document, NZ Certificate of Identity
– Your second form of ID could be one of the following: NZ Driver Licence, 18+ card, NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued before 1998), Community Services card, SuperGold Card, NZ Employee Photo ID Card, NZ Student Photo ID Card, Inland Revenue number, NZ issued utility bill (issued not more than six months earlier), NZ Teachers Registration certificate, NZ Electoral Roll Record, International Driving Permit, Steps to Freedom Form

Meet in person with your zone leader or a New Wine Authorised Representative.
– Take with you your ID documents and completed vetting form
– Before ticking and signing off in the blue box at the bottom of Page 1, the authorised representative will confirm the accuracy of the ID, verify your signature and will check you have completed all you need to on the form

If you are unable to meet a New Wine authorised representative then contact the New Wine office and we’ll tell you what to do next.

5. You’re nearly done!

Post your completed vetting form to New Wine New Zealand, PO Box 12042, Inner City, Palmerston North 4444
or scan and email it to us.


Names and contact details of those authorised by New Wine to view your ID documents and sign off page 1 of your vetting form can be found here. They’re all pretty nice people so go on, find one who is near to you are and contact them. We promise they won’t bite!