New Wine Nights have worship, teaching and, best of all, lots of time in His presence through the prophetic and just carving out some holy space to receive.

They are evenings of Holy Spirit refreshing.

New Wine Nights are inspired by Mark 16:20 "...they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, signs and wonders confirmed the word".

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New Wine Nights happen all over New Zealand, but particularly in and around Auckland.

When? …Whenever you’d like to have us at your local church! 
New Wine Nights normally happen mid-year between May and November.

New Wine Nights are one night events of:
💙 Pressing in and being present
💙 Going deep into worship
💙 Encountering the Holy Spirit
💙 Refreshing, restoring, and resetting

No cost, just a koha if you can!

We’ve had amazing speakers (like Nigel Irwin and Gary Best) and worship teams (like John Corban and the Shore Vineyard team) at previous New Wine Nights but it’s different every time!

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