We're passionate about meeting with God...

To give room for this to happen there’ll be lots of waiting, and praying for particular things or people God wants to minister to. 

This might all feel a bit strange, but that’s just the dressing. It’s the same God and we’ll guide you every minute through those on the stage to the prayer ministry team. 

Read on for the prayer ministry guidelines.


We call it ‘ministry time’, and while God is free to do what he wants, we do have a rhythm. We often start with an invitation from the stage, and we change mental gears to put our stuff on hold. It’s God’s time, not ours, and anything might happen.

But it’s safe, and if you want to receive the best thing to do is focus on him and not others. If you’d like to pray for others here’s our practice, for both us and you while you’re here.


  • Pray with the same gender and in pairs if possible.
  • Ask what they would like prayer for but don’t turn it into a long conversation.
  • Ask permission to put your hands on the person. It’s like a blessing. 
  • Encourage the person to be still and receive. They may hold out their hands or close their eyes. 
  • Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to come. Be natural. Praue in tongues silently. 
  • Keep your eyes open and watch what God is doing. Listen to what God is saying.
  • If you have a prophetic word offer it as a prayer, or an offering to be taken or left. Always build up, comfort and encourage (1 Cor 14:3).
  • People may cry, shake or respond in other ways towhat God is doing. If someone falls over, help them sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Ensure their dignity is maintained.
  • Ask for help at any time. The ministry team are there to support you and the person you are praying with. 


When Jesus healed, he spoke to the ailment and commanded it to be healed. He gave us the power and authority to do likewise, in his name.