New Wine DNA

This is what we look like...

mission focused

We value Jesus’ imperative of Kingdom centred mission.

We love the church

We love the whole church… through generous engagement to see her work out the vision of changing the nation.

biblically faithful

Biblically faithful in that we value the truthfulness of the Bible and outwork that in worship, ministry and teaching.


Our whole lives are to be lived as an offering of worship. And one way to worship is to sing. It’s never just singing though. It’s honestly, and reflection, and putting things right, loving and being loved and receiving and praise. It’s worship.


Good didn’t wind up the world and abandon us. He gave us his wood to delve into and spend a lifetime pondering - so we can live life best. It’s a truth and life thing. It’s why we have teaching sessions.


To live rich, full lives we need to be empowered and equipped. That’s what sets us apart as followers of Christ. Ministry is the place for that. It’s safe, authentic and it’s all about God with us.

Worship is simply an opportunity to encounter Jesus and it looks different as every individual – that’s what God intended. Maybe it’s easier for you to close your eyes in worship to focus on Jesus. Maybe praise overwhelms you and it feels natural to raise your hands to God. Maybe you want to hold out your hands to receive, or surrender, or weep. We’re worshiping for an audience of one. Go for it!

God loves us so deeply that he wants to draw all people to himself. It’s compelling. When we meet the magnetic love of God we are forever changed – and when that happens we can laugh, cry, weep, move around, or stand rock solid still. It’s all very different and the best thing we can do is be open to the Holy Spirit and simply say ‘yes’ to him. No hype. No pressure. No drama. A simple ‘yes Lord’.

God made us in his likeness to be creative geniuses, and our worship reflects that – different styles, instruments, preferences, warbles and whistles. God loves it all (as long as we’re authentic and it’s all about him). New Wine chooses to keep worship simple and accessible and replicable in your church. You can do the fancy pants stuff when you’re home, but we’re aiming to stick to what we know ands what the majority of you love, with just a little clever clogs stuff thrown in to keep you on your toes.

New Wine is about relationship. We love hanging out with you and get excited by God meeting us collectively. It’s high stakes though, so we’re pretty careful. We place such a high value on relationship we’re only going to give the mic to those we trust, are in relationship with, call friend, and those who love Jesus as much as we do. Simply put – it’s about loving God, and loving others.

We’re passionate about meeting with God. To give room for this to happen there’ll be lots of waiting, and praying for particular things or people God wants to minister to. This might all feel a bit strange, but that’s just dressing. It’s the same God and we’ll guide you every minute through those on stage to the prayer ministry team.

We call it ‘ministry time,’ and while God is free to do what he wants, we do have rhythm. We often start with an invitation from the stage, and we change mental gears to put out stuff on hold. It’s God’s time, not ours, and anything might happen.

But it’s safe, and if you want to receive the best thing to do is focus on him and not others. If you’d like to pay for others read the next section to see our practice, for both us and you while you’re here