Joseph and Lesley Lee

Joseph and Lesley Lee live in New Zealand with their 4 amazing kids, Judah, Ocean, Olive and Lily-joy. They have preached for over 15 years and now run a ministry called Pioneer Ministry. They travel as evangelists and missionaries around the world doing miracle campaigns, revival and worship events, training seminars called Schools of the Spirit and local church meetings in the towns, cities and nations they visit. Their mandate is to “love one, touch nations.” Pioneer Ministry is a revival ministry, seeking to build the Kingdom of God and usher in a fresh move of the Spirit in their generation. They lead mission teams where they travel and have documented their story through videos, blogs and audio that can be found at They have seen witchdoctors saved, cyclones vanish, HIV healed and many more miracles. Since 2014 they have done 9 Miracle Crusades, over a dozen International Revival Nights and have seen thousands saved and hundreds healed. In 2020 they came back to New Zealand and travelled the nation doing town hall revival meetings from Pukekohe to Invercargill. They believe Aotearoa is hungry for a new Holy Spirit outpouring.