New Wine Summer Internship

New Wine Internships happen each summer and they just get better and better. We all long to be part of something bigger than ourselves and the internship is a way to work out ourselves as we work out the festival. It’s a place to make friendships, and a sneaky plan to see this beautiful country of Aotearoa all at the same time.

Come spend time with us from November through to February and we’ll house you, feed you, give you work that drives right into eternity and even show you some of the local attractions as we go. We’re not a big office, so your offerings will go an incredibly long way and make all the difference in the world to a festival which changes hearts and builds generations of believers. To find out more either send the contact form below or click on the information pack tile.

Internships that matter

We’re wonderfully made. A Word and Spirit kind of people, which means we’re both practical, and deeply in love with Jesus and all of His ways. Come be part of the New Wine plan to radically engage with the Kingdom of God as we serve the local church.

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