How to get your crew to New Wine festival

Anyone can enthuse their family/church/workplace/friend group to get along to New Wine; and everyone is encouraged to! The experience of holidaying, transforming, connecting and refreshing only gets better when we go on the journey together.

So follow our roadmap to New Wine, first step being to get Thursday 18th-Monday 22nd January into your diary. Register now to nab early bird prices!

But what is New Wine?

New Wine Festival is a 5 day all-age celebration; people from all across Aotearoa gather together in the presence of God and engage in worship, teaching and ministry within age specific sessions. Its the best sort of holiday when both parents and kids can enjoy their own sessions, but get family fun games, meals, movies all together through out the festival.

The rhythm is morning and evening sessions surrounded by all sorts of fun like silent disco’s, wine tasting, treasure hunts, all age competitions, bake-offs, swimming and workshops.

Whether camping, glamping, staying off-site, or just visiting for the day there are excellent kitchen, toilet and shower facilities on a beautiful site that makes for a wonderful community experience to enrich your summer and start your year right!

So why New Wine?

We value the Word of God and outwork that in worship, ministry and teaching. We dive into the word and worship and ministry, as we seek the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

We love the Church – the whole church. New Wine is the people of God gathering together across denominations, places, ages, cultures!

Mission Focused
God calls us to the work of living as Christ, both loving Him and loving others – and changing our nation as we do. New Wine is about refreshing, re-envisioning, reconnecting and setting us up for the year ahead.

Community Building
There is no better way for churches and families to start the year; you get to enjoy all the spiritual input, community building, and summer fun with none of the tough work that goes into organising a large holiday-style event.

Investing in Leaders
Providing training and opportunity to minister in a safe, well-structured environment proven to have lasting impact on the local church and encouragement for our nation’s leaders.

All Ages
We are about the whole family. We hungrily pursue the presence of God in ministry, across all ages and all zones! There is no “main stage” at New Wine, instead there are 5 vibrant age zones all having fun, learning and worshipping God.

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