Cutting Edge/Firewire
(School Years 7-13)

Joining forces in 2022 for the best of both worlds!

What! All those years at school and you haven’t heard about wide games, gunge or team challenge?  Cutting Edge is famous for ordered mayhem, games, friendship, prayer, teaching and worship.

Firewire is all about knowing that God is calling us and growing a hunger for His kingdom here on earth. Teenagers (and pre-teens) unite! Join us for speakers, engaging discussions, worship that connects, fun, games, service, prayer and times of waiting to see what God is up to so we can follow.

Zone Leaders - Tama Bucknell and Chantelle Rickerby

Tama Bucknell

I am a youth worker with AYM Wellington, married to Miriam Bucknell and we have five children. Our hope in taking time to serve at new wines fire wire program is that through creating experiences of gathering together to share stories and build memories we grow in our understanding of who we are and how God is with us on our journey. We look forward to engaging with the youth to encourage them in this way.

Chantelle Rickerby

Hey!!! I’m Chantelle and I will be running the Cutting edge program this year, I have been part of the AYM youth working team in the Eastern suburbs of Wellington for 4 years. If you are looking for me you will probably find me at the beach swimming (summer or winter!) Look forward to seeing you all at New Wine, come and say hi and hear about the fun we will be having having at cutting edge.

Chantelle Rickerby