January is all about family and fun and chill time and … festival! There’s no better start to the year than heading off to New Wine for 5 fun filled days to celebrate this wild Christian life.
The youth will party, the kids will play, the adults will relax but whatever your age we’ll be worshipping, learning and connecting with God again.
Like every good party everyone’s invited.

Join us at New Wine. An all age festival where many voices worship the One.

Jan 2025

Wellington Anniversary Weekend


Wairarapa College

New Wine Masterton commences on Thursday at 12pm and finishes at 12.30pm on Monday

7.00am Early morning options
9.00am  Morning sessions in zones (until 12.15pm with morning tea in between)
Afternoon relax, have a siesta, festival fun activities, go for a swim in the pool or grab a coffee at the cafe
2.00pm Workshops (until 3.15pm)
3:30pm Workshops (until 4.45pm)
6.30pm Evening session in zones (until 8.30pm)
8.45pm Evening entertainment, movies, festival fun activities

Want some down time outside of the programme? Enjoy a host of enticing offerings including fun all ages activities each afternoon, chilling on site, swimming in the pool, sports afternoons, local playgrounds, and the stunning Wairarapa region.

Want that stellar community feel, but bolstered with life’s little luxuries like actual walls and nearby toilets? We’ve got the dorm for you! 


Its located a short 5 minute walk to the school but, far enough away from the excitement to get some good shut eye! Let us know who you want to bunk with when you register – it’s first in first served, so don’t dilly dally folks!

Pricing is $50 per night. If you’re a really littlie with travel cot and don’t need a bed…. well honey, you’re free!

Poto House is in discussion but currently not available to be booked.

Create your own campsite – pitch your tent, park your van, pamper your glampsite. Your festival campsite is included free in your registration. It’s such an awesome opportunity to connect with each other in a super relaxed kiwi kind-of-way. So good for families, youth groups and church whānau. And of course this year we’ll bask in Wairarapa’s incredible weather!

Of course New Wine has always allowed you to blaze your own accommodation trail. There are plenty of accommodation options available, including airbnb and bookabach. But book early!


The dorm hostel accommodation should not be confused with hotel accommodation.  The cubicles are single beds only. Dorm accommodation means a mattress, bottom sheet, so bring all bedding, pillows, towels and toiletries. New Wine will endeavour to take all accommodation needs into account when allocating dorms, but cannot guarantee to meet all requests.
The New Wine camp site is conveniently located on the Wairarapa College sports fields. The college has a strict no wheels on fields policy, but the camping villages are allowed wheels with the proviso that they stay put all festival.

Check out the FAQs for the deets on all the discounts and saving options available.


Getting to New Wine can be financially difficult for some. Christians have a hallmark of sharing each other’s burdens. We have created the GRACE BOX as a means of sharing that hallmark of generosity.

If you would like to add money into the Grace Box include it in your registration (a donation receipt will be issued at financial year end).

If you require financial assistance register for the festival and, complete an online Subsidy Application Form or call the New Wine office on 0800 639 9463.

Why not start paying by instalments to help towards your festival costs? If you start your payments before 30 November then we’ll hold the early bird prices for you until the festival!
Email us here to get set up with manageable weekly or monthly payments.

New Wine Festival is a 5 day all-age celebration; people from all across Aotearoa gather together in the presence of God and engage in worship, teaching and ministry within age specific programmes.

The rhythm is morning and evening programmes surrounded by all sorts of family-friendly fun; from silent disco’s to wine tasting, worskshops to free time in the pool!

Whether camping, bunking in dorms, staying offsight, or visiting just for the day there are excellent facilities (no portaloos in sight), renowned speakers, and a wonderful community to enrich your summer and start your year right!

FULL TIME EARLY BIRD RATES (until 30 November)

Adult 18+ $240
Youth 11-17 years $145
Child 5-10 years $105
Preschool 2-4 years $75
Infant 0-1 years $0
Team (Preschool, Kids Zone, Youth, Hospitality, Stewards, Admin, Our Place) $0


Adult 18+ $280
Youth 11-17 years $180
Child 5-10 years $140
Preschool 2-4 years $115
Infant 0-1 years $0
Team (Preschool, Kids Zone, Youth, Hospitality, Stewards, Admin, Our Place) $0


Adult 18+ $80 full day // $45 half day
Youth 11-17 years $55 full day // $30 half day
Child 5-10 years $45 full day // $25 half day
Preschool 2-4 years $30 full day // $15 half day
(Half day hours are: 7.30am-3.00pm or 1.30pm-11.00pm. Please register children prior to arrival.)

All prices exclude food.
A discount of 15% will be applied to bookings with 4 or more full-time paying whānau living at the same address (proof of family or address may be required). This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.
A discount of 50% will be applied to individual rates of either early bird prices or full prices (proof of address may be required).
Pricing starts at 2 years. 0-1 come for free but need to be registered (a parents space is provided for this age in addition to the Preschool Zone).
Your registration includes a free tent site. Dorm accommodation is an additional cost (see the accommodation tab).
Deposit directly into the New Wine New Zealand account 03 0767 0468135 00 recording your surname, initials and invoice number.
Why not start paying by instalments to help towards your festival costs? If you start your payments before 30 November then we’ll hold the early bird prices for you until the festival!
Email us here to get set up with manageable weekly or monthly payments.

More Info Here!

Join the team!

Preschool, kids, youth, prayer ministry, admin, stewards, hospitality…

It's about working together to love the Church through NW events that equip, refresh and unite!

It's about learning and growing in different areas of ministry - skills to take home with you!


Meeting Place

Meeting Place (age 18+)

Worship, teaching and ministry are New Wine mainstays and you'll find them in abundance as you gather with others and worship in freedom. Jesus calls us to live and move in the power of the Holy Spirit - he wants all of us. And he wants us fully committed to Him, fully engaged with others, and radically loving the church. Together we learn to live this Christian life at New Wine.


Firewire (school years 10-13)

God is calling us and growing a hunger for His kingdom here on earth. Teenagers unite! Join us for speakers, engaging discussions, worship that connects, fun, games, service, prayer and times of waiting to see what God is up to so we can follow.

Kids Zone

Kids Zone (School years 0-6)

Whether you’re cute, courageous or cuddly our God is for all ages. You’ll have a ball in Kids Zone while enjoying creative challenges, crafts and games. Get ready to learn about and worship God in your unique way, just like He intended.

Our Place

Our Place

Do you have children with additional needs (physical/learning disability or neuro divergent) who find the activity and fast pace of NW Festival a challenge? A small team is available for you and your kids to have additional support and enjoy a safe and restful haven for some time out. Whether your child has a physical impairment, learning need, temporary need or chronic illness - we’re here during session times. Feel free to find us and stay alongside your child with neuro divergence.

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge (school years 7-9)

What! All those years at school and you haven’t heard about wide games, gunge or team challenge? You’ve gotta get to Cutting Edge – famous for ordered mayhem, games, friendship, prayer, teaching and worship. Rest up well it’s gonna be all go.


Preschool (ages 0-4)

A fun, safe place where our preschool kids are cared for and enjoy learning about our wonderful God through play and teaching.

Living Room

Living Room (Young Adults)

The Living Room, a space for 18-30 year olds is back with speaker interviews, music and good vibes at all times. Open all hours but with different programmes each night. Come check us and our sweet as hospo out.

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