Caleb Rowe

caleb rowe

Last year Caleb’s heart for God’s goodness moved us to tears and inspired us into deeper faith. This year he’s back to host and share in Meeting Place.

Did you know that Caleb started his career as a classical actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company doing bits of TV and short film work as well as performing as Roderigo in Othello before becoming a Priest?! These days Caleb along with his wife Billy Rowe are the Co-Vicars of the Whanganui Anglican parish. They are both passionate that all churches and believers feel part of the wider church whanau:

“…we are all on the Jesus waka together and from this place of unity and whānau comes the diversity of our discipleship and mission in our different contexts”.

This heart’s cry for unity, even within our differences, is backed up with their mentoring initiatives for the bereaved, support for school students, fellowship and life story sharing for over 70s, programme to provide warm dry and affordable rental housing, and their own experience of living in community along with their 3 young kids.