Festival FAQs

Top Question so far? Do Dolphins sleep? Answer. Yes, they’re mammals ergo they sleep.

For all other things concerning New Wine keep checking back as we’ll update this page often, but if you’re not finding what you want below, dash us a quick note here.

What changes and what stays the same?

The programme, age zones, familiar faces, zone leaders and New Wine values of generosity, excellence and loving God, loving others are all unchanged. We simply know that this festival will again change lives, as we celebrate what God is doing amongst us.

We are planning New Wine events in an ever changing political environment. Our understanding from government currently is that all summer events will be legally required to ensure all attendees 12 years and 3 months and over are double vaccinated. The New Wine registration systems have been rewritten to obtain early evidence of government issued vaccination passes, to ensure we can streamline onsite booking on arrival.

New Wine is committed to offer a festival that protects the health and well being of all attendees, and comments here specifically about Covid-19. This comment is written in an ever changing environment as the government works through its requirements for the summer, however we have certainty around the need for vaccination passes for everyone 12 years and 3 months and older.

Mask wearing is recommended by the Ministry of Health. This is not a mandatory requirement at events and so is a personal choice.

We are hopeful that government will permit the use of Rapid Antigen Tests for those who do not hold vaccination passes. This said we continue to await government announcements concerning any progress it has made in allowing these as valid forms of access to events, so at this stage New Wine’s Big Day Out is a vaccination pass event only.

Regardless of the ever changing Covid-19 environment what is unchanging is if you are unwell please stay home.

I'm Coming!

Show interest in coming to New Wine’s Summer Festival 2023 Big Noise here.

Thursday 19th-Monday 23rd January 2023
(Wellington Anniversary Weekend)

Terms and Conditions are about making the event fun and safe for everyone. The deal is if you’re nice to yourself and your neighbours, our friendly stewards will be nice too. Here goes the fine print;

  1. Fees for New Wine are determined by age at 1 January in the year of the festival.
  2. Cancellations made more than 7 days prior to the event start date will receive a full refund less an administration fee of $30. There will be no refunds if cancellations are not advised, or are made within 7 days of the festival start date.
  3. Pets are not allowed on site – except aid dogs, regardless of how cute or cuddly they are and whether they can yodel to worship.
  4. After arrival, all vehicles used to unload to the camp site must be moved to the designated car parks.
  5. There will be official photographers on site at our events. Attendees may feature in images used for New Wine publicity. Any person wanting their image excluded must notify New Wine in writing and provide a recent photograph. While every care will be taken to exclude images of any such person, no liability will be accepted for any inadvertent error.
  6. Attendees must wear any issued name badges and wrist bands at all times during the festival.
  7. The information supplied on the registration form is for New Wine purposes.
  8. New Wine runs activities which may carry a risk of injury if carried out without due care or in disregard of instructions, the youth call this ‘fun’. While all practicable steps will be taken to ensure your safety, New Wine accepts no liability for any loss, injury or damage to your property or person.
  9. Strictly no drugs or drug paraphernalia on site – except for medical purposes. Anyone found in possession will be evicted from the site and refused further entry to the event. Any drug-related incidents will be dealt with by the event manager and referred to the police.
  10. If you’re unwell with conditions including diarrhea, vomiting or flu-like symptoms you need to stay home. Sickness can spread rapidly at an event like this and you don’t want to be ground zero should an outbreak occur.
  11. You agree to: obey any festival rules as advised during the event; notify us of any hazard or potential hazard identified; tell us if you can’t participate in any activity or there is anything (such as illness or injury) which may affect our decision to allow you to participate in any activity; not do anything which may put yourself or others at risk of harm.
  12. By registering you agree to receiving postal, text and email communication from New Wine, on the understanding that you may unsubscribe at any time.

A responsible adult must accompany all children under 18 years of age. If the parent or caregiver isn’t accompanying the child complete this form here.

This discount is just for whānau who are living at the same address (this absolutely includes those who are fostering children).

We love community living, bringing your friends kids along, having a great relationship with your lodger… but these situations aren’t what this discount is for. If you are struggling in any way to get you or your community along to the festival please please have a chat to us about it! We’ve got a wonderful way of getting financial assistance to those who need it through Grace box.

What is Grace Box?
Getting to New Wine can be financially difficult for some. We believe as Christians we share each other’s burdens and so have created the Grace Box as a means of being generous to one another. If you would like to put money into the Grace Box add it to your registration (a donation receipt will be issued at financial year end). If you require financial assistance register for the festival you wish to attend then complete an online Subsidy Application Form or download, print and post a paper copy of the form. If you’re still stuck or need further help give us a call on 0800 639 9463‬.

Hitting the Road

If you’re stuck, lost or stranded on the side of the road, give us a call on 0800 639 9463.

  • Bible
  • Toiletries and medication
  • Holiday clothing
  • Togs and swimming gear
  • Coat and/or umbrella
  • Basic first aid kit including sun screen
  • Tent, bedding and everything you need for a simple one nighter home away from home (if taking up the option of onsite camping).
  • Torch

I've Arrived!

Now what?

Follow the signs and stewards to the registration desk to sign in and complete your registration.

The Site

No, there will be no power or water for camping. We’re kiwi’s… we can tough it out (for one night!) and besides, New Wine has the cooking covered…. this is going to be an adventure!

Paraplegic facilities are available on these sites.

Sorry no…. but who needs to wash anyway during a 24hour Big Day Out.

We’ll have Stewards on hand to help you with this. This year we’ve got more camping field than we can possibly use, so will be running a freedom style camping site right in the middle of the festival grounds. You’ll be barely a stones throw from the heart of everything, which means all the camping cool cats will hang together.


You get a free tent site as part of your registration. It doesn’t matter if you camp on site or a take a holiday home off-site, the New Wine registration cost is the same.

Responsibility for your possessions rests with you. We suggest leaving valuables at home, use your car to lock valuables away or keep them on you.

The Programme

The programme is simplified for our Big Day Out but keep an ear out for the afternoon workshops, old fashioned games, meal breaks and more. The New Wine NZ app is a great way to keep up.

If you’re itching to arrive early or stay late and have a look around a new part of Aotearoa then take a peak at some of what’s available here for Whangaui and here for Upper Hutt.

Feeling Peckish?

Since we are providing food at this year’s festival, we’ve got you covered! No cooking facilities needed.

Festival prices for New Wine’s Big Day Out include food. The fare will be simple and good, but for special diets will only cater for gluten free. If you have other more complicated dietary needs please bring additional goodies to supplement what New Wine provides.

Festival prices for New Wine’s Big Day Out include food, but the reality is this is to a budget. The fare will be simple and good, but for special needs will only cater for gluten free.

If you have more complicated dietary needs please bring additional goodies to supplement what New Wine provides.


Get back to nature and wake up in the morning to the sound of birdsong! We’ve got more camping field than we can possibly use, so will be running a freedom style camping site right in the middle of the festival.

On arrival check in to the registration desk by following the sign or our gorgeous Stewards. The streamlined rego team will let you know the new plan of things, including where to find kai for lunch.

Keen to Serve?

You say New Wine team, we say the team is a fantastic group of people who long to work together to see something achieved that couldn’t be done from a single local church, or even a single denomination. We’re always dreaming and scheming to make things easier and fun. That means the teams evolve and change. It’s likely we need help with stewarding, admin, programme zone teams, hospitality, not to mention afternoon fun and games…the list goes on.

Check the team options out here and then simply email us here if you want to check what’s open at present.

Not necessarily, different teams have different needs and expectations.

Team members of programme zones such as Preschool, Kids Zone, Cutting Edge, and Firewire come free of charge. Our snazzy Stewards get the full discount also. Others have some discounts, but we need to chat about those so get in touch here.

Now you're getting fussy

The admin team are amazing, and will sort this for you.

No pets are allowed on site except aid dogs.

Get real, no smoking anywhere we love our lungs too much.

Here at the end of time... there's always the admin!

Do try to pay before 30 November via internet banking to account 03 0767 0468135 000. Things are just so much easier on the day!

If unpaid the admin team will be happy to take your money, and your “I’m sorry” chocolate bar, when you arrive and finish registering.

We do have eftpos machines but no credit card facility.

Yes, sure, maybe… the admin office should be able to help with a cash out transaction from the eftpos terminal.

But wait... there's fine print???

New Wine’s always fresh, exciting and full of promise, but festivals have wrinkles, warts and even wasps! Be kind, speak well, love exuberantly and we’ll see God do amazing things among us.

Please observe and respect our policy of separate sleeping accommodation for guys and girls. You know what we mean. No visiting either!

No elephanting around! Move quietly around the site between 11pm and 7am.

Any complaints should be directed to the admin office. If necessary a written statement will be requested and forwarded to an executive panel for appropriate action. New Wine commits to mitigating the concern in a timely manner and will advise the outcome accordingly.

Check the venue maps for the emergency assembly point. Any site concerns to Shane on 027 280 2384.

Pack down is always busy. Fancy giving us a hand? If so please make yourself available to help with the clean-up.

Feedback is appreciated. Facebook it or email admin@newwine.org.nz.

A first aid kit is available from the admin office. In an emergency dial 111 and flag down a steward.

Check in with admin for misplaced items. After the festival email admin@newwine.org.nz.

Query? Ask at the admin office or a willing steward as they wander by.

You are responsible for your child’s safety outside session times. Please be mindful of session end times for collecting children.

There will be an official photographer on site. Attendees may feature in images used for our publishing purposes.

If you have something to share text 021 155 6197 or email admin@newwine.org.nz.

Please wear your name tag and wrist band at all times so our teams can identify you as a New Wine attendee.

Don’t. Ever. Certainly not in the New Wine festival smoke-free zone.

Responsibility for your possessions rests with you. We suggest leaving valuables at home, use your car to lock valuables away or keep them on you.

Please park in the designated parking areas. If tenting when finished your camp site set-up please reposition your car to the marked area adjacent.