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Retreat : April 2012

We had a fabulous time and hope you did too!  Thanks for coming.  We’d love to hear your feedback and testimonies. Email us

Recordings are below.

Kingdom Intensive

Session 1 – Mark Aldridge
Session 2 – Mark Aldridge
Session 3 – Mark Aldridge
Session 4 – Mike Norris – Challenges of Leading a Church in NZ
Session 5 – Mark Aldridge
Session 6 – Mark Melluish – Healing
Session 7 – Mark Melluish

Leaders Retreat

Session 1a – Mark Mellusih
Session 1b – Mark Melluish
Session 2 –   Mike Norris
Session 3 –   Mark Melluish – Church Growth
Session 4 –   Mark Melluish – Vision
Session 5 –   Mark Melluish – “both and” church
Session 6 –   Mark Melluish – Healing
Session 7 –   Mark Aldridge – Releasing people to be themselves in Christ


Click here to listen to Mark and Mark’s talks at the Leaders Days and Conferences around the country.

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